Meet Chef Jujhar Mann

If you’re a foodie in Surrey, BC, chances are you’ve heard of Chef Jujhar Mann of Mann and Co Bakeshop. This talented chef has been making waves in the culinary world with his innovative and mouth-watering creations. With appearances on competitive cooking shows like Is It Cake 3, Chef Mann has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. He has also appeared on The Great Chocolate Showdown

One of Chef Mann’s claim to fame is his famous cakes, which have garnered a loyal following in Surrey and beyond. Known for their exquisite designs and delectable flavors, Chef Mann’s cakes are a must-try. Whether it’s a special occasion or just a craving for something sweet, a visit to Mann and Co is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A behind the scenes look

Guests on the Forest to Fork tour in Surrey have a unique opportunity to visit Chef Mann’s bakeshop, hear his inspiring story, and of course, taste his famous cakes. This behind-the-scenes look at Chef Mann’s creative process and culinary expertise is a treat for food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike.

Some notable teachers

Chef Jujhar attended pastry school and trained under world-renowned chef Amaury Guichon in Las Vegas. Following his appearance on Is It Cake 3, Chef Mann for a 3 day training course at Ecole Bellouet Conseil International Pastry School.

One of Surrey’s top chefs

Chef Jujhar Mann’s dedication to his craft and passion for creating unforgettable culinary experiences has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of Surrey’s top chefs. His commitment to using locally-sourced ingredients and his innovative approach to baking sets him apart in the competitive culinary scene. If you’re looking to indulge in a gastronomic adventure, be sure to add a visit to Mann and Co to your itinerary. Whether you’re a fan of competitive cooking shows or simply appreciate exceptional culinary talent, Chef Jujhar Mann’s bakeshop is a must-visit destination in Surrey, BC.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Surrey was recently named by Food and Wine Magazine as one of the world’s next great food cities?

Chef Jujhar Mann of Mann and Co is a culinary star on the rise in Surrey, BC. With his impressive competition appearances and his famous cakes, Chef Mann has solidified his place as a leading figure in the local food scene. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit his bakeshop, hear his story, and taste his delectable creations on the Forest to Fork tour in Surrey with Chew On This Tasty Tours.

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