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two wine glasses raised in cheers. no people are visible, only the hands of the people holding the glasses. the setting is outdoors. it is clear that there is a grassy valley in the distance.Langley, British Columbia, offers an enticing selection of wine and beer tours that attract both locals and tourists alike. Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse experiences provided by companies such as Vine and Hops and Canadian Craft Tours, who lead visitors through the scenic landscapes of Fraser Valley and Langley. These tours include visits to wineries like Township 7, Chaberton Estate Winery, and Backyard Vineyards, offering a taste of the region’s finest handcrafted wines.

For those who prefer beer, Langley does not disappoint. The area is home to several microbreweries, and local tour companies ensure that beer lovers can enjoy the rich tapestry of flavors available. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn or an aficionado seeking the best brews in town, Langley’s beer tours offer an educational and enjoyable experience.

Both wine and beer tours often include transportation from Downtown Vancouver, making them accessible and convenient. Following a structured schedule with pre-arranged tastings, participants can immerse themselves fully in the local beverage culture without worrying about the logistics.

Exploring Langley’s Wine and Beer Scene

Langley, BC, offers a rich tapestry of wine and beer experiences, from its historical roots to its contemporary craft culture. Visitors can enjoy guided tours, tastings, and behind-the-scenes looks at production processes, making it a hub for connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike.

History of Wine and Beer in Langley

The tradition of winemaking in Langley dates back several decades, driven by the region’s fertile lands and ideal climate. The introduction of craft breweries followed, adding to Langley’s diverse beverage landscape. Local winemakers and brewers emphasize artisanal methods, making Langley a noteworthy region for wine and beer production.a glass of cider and a glass of beer rest on a table. the sun is shining in the background and a woman is smiling slightly.

The area’s wine production began to flourish in the late 20th century, with vineyards like Chaberton Estate Winery establishing a strong presence. Craft beer found its footing in more recent years, with breweries tapping into the growing market for unique, locally-sourced beers. Collectively, these historical developments have positioned Langley as a prime destination for beverage tourism.

Types of Tours Available

Visitors can choose from a variety of tours tailored to different preferences and durations. Wine-focused tours such as those offered by Beyond Bubbles Tours provide an in-depth look at some of the Fraser Valley’s finest wineries. These tours often include multiple tastings and educational segments on wine production.

For beer lovers, the Langley Brewery Tour offers a visit to three local craft breweries, complete with flights of various beers and behind-the-scenes access. This tour is ideal for groups, with buses available to accommodate different party sizes. Mixed craft tours are also available, combining wine and beer tastings for a well-rounded experience.

Overview of Langley Wineries

Langley is home to several distinguished wineries. Chaberton Estate Winery is one of the oldest and most well-established in the region, known for its high-quality, handcrafted wines. Visitors can enjoy tastings and learn about the winemaking process through guided tours.

Backyard Vineyards and Glasshouse Winery offer additional options for exploration. At Backyard Vineyards, guests can experience vineyard tours paired with lunch. Glasshouse Winery provides a more intimate setting, focusing on smaller, boutique-style wine batches. Each winery offers its own unique take on wine production, making for a diverse tasting adventure.

Overview of Langley Breweries

Langley’s craft beer scene is vibrant and growing. The breweries often included on the Langley Brewery Tour are known for their creative brews and welcoming atmospheres. Trading Post Brewing Co. often features a varied selection of beers, including seasonal and experimental brews.

Farm Country Brewing provides a rustic, farm-to-pint experience, emphasizing locally sourced ingredients. Dead Frog Brewery, another popular stop, is celebrated for its innovative beer styles and community-centric events. These breweries reflect Langley’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship, offering something for every beer enthusiast.

Langley’s wine and beer tours promise engaging experiences that highlight the region’s rich history, diverse offerings, and artisanal commitment.

Planning Your Tour

When planning a wine and beer tour in Langley, BC, consider the optimal times to visit, booking procedures, transportation options, and whether you prefer private or group tours. These factors will enhance your overall experience and ensure a memorable trip.

Best Time to Visit

Langley’s wine and beer tours are most enjoyable during spring and summer. The weather is pleasant, with vineyards and breweries offering outdoor seating. Autumn also provides a delightful experience with numerous harvest festivals. Events and special occasions might impact availability, so check schedules in advance.

Spring and summer weekends are popular and may require bookings several weeks ahead. For a quieter experience, weekdays are less crowded, offering a more personalized visit. Always consider weather forecasts as tours can be impacted by rain.

Booking Your Experience

Booking your tour in advance is crucial. Most tour companies offer online reservations, with detailed itineraries available. For wine enthusiasts, consider the Langley Wine Tours for a comprehensive tasting experience at top vineyards like Backyard Vineyards and Chaberton Estate Winery.

Direct booking often provides additional perks such as discounts or exclusive tastings. Some companies, like Canadian Craft Tours, offer customizable itineraries, allowing you to tailor the tour to your preferences. Confirm all details, including tasting fees and cancellation policies, to avoid surprises.

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation is a key aspect of planning your tour. Many companies provide shuttle services from central pick up and drop off locations. Chew On This Tasty Tours offers a unique three stop tour that includes tastings and a culinary element at each of the stops on the tour. Quench and Savour on the Farm is, as the name suggests, a tour that takes you to farm locales to enjoy your sips on pastoral land with views for days! Enjoy an all-inclusive, fully curated day starting at Fraser Valley Cider then be taken to your next stop at Locality Brewing and complete your day at Roots and Wings Distillery.

Public tours often have set pickup and drop-off points, necessitating punctuality. Private tours offer more flexibility with customized pick-up locations and times. Ensure safe travel, especially if you plan to sample various beverages, by utilizing provided transport services rather than driving.

Private versus Group Tours

Deciding between private or group tours depends on your preferences and budget. Private tours provide an intimate experience, ideal for special occasions or small groups looking for a personalized itinerary with exclusive tastings and custom schedules.

Group tours are cost-effective and social, perfect for meeting new people while exploring Langley’s vibrant wine and beer scene. Companies like Vine & Hops facilitate engaging group experiences with professional guides. Evaluate the size of the group, the itinerary, and additional services offered to choose the best option for your needs.

What to Expect on Your Tour

Touring the wine and beer options in Langley, BC, offers a mix of tastings, educational insights, and potential food pairings. Each itinerary varies slightly, but generally includes visits to multiple establishments, guided tastings, and comprehensive explanations of the brewing and winemaking processes.

Tasting Sessions

Tasting sessions on these tours are designed to provide guests with an array of local wine or beer varieties. At each stop, participants receive samples, typically ranging from five to seven different wines or beers per location.

The tastings often begin with lighter options and progress to more robust flavors. Hosts generally describe each sample’s origin, ingredients, and unique characteristics, helping to enrich the tasting experience. Guests usually have the option to purchase bottles or growlers of their favorite samples.

Educational Components

Education is a key part of these tours. During visits to wineries or breweries, knowledgeable guides often provide behind-the-scenes insights into the winemaking and brewing processes. This may include a tour of the vineyard or brewery facilities, showcasing aspects like fermentation tanks, aging barrels, and production techniques.

Participants also learn about the history of each establishment, the types of grapes or hops used in production, and the science behind crafting high-quality beverages. Such educational segments are designed to give guests a deeper appreciation for the artistry involved in winemaking and brewing.

Food Pairing Options

Food pairings are an integral part of many wine and beer tours, enhancing the tasting experience by complementing the flavors of the drinks. Some tours include a full lunch at a vineyard or brewery, where the meals are thoughtfully paired with specific wines or beers.

Options might range from rustic, local cuisine to more elaborate dishes, all designed to highlight and accompany the beverages sampled. These food pairings help underscore the synergies between certain flavors and textures, providing a more holistic understanding of the beverages.

Many tours also offer smaller, on-the-go pairings such as cheese, charcuterie, or chocolate, enhancing the tasting experiences throughout the day. These treats can help cleanse the palate and bring out the subtler notes in the wines or beers being sampled, creating a more immersive and enjoyable tour experience.

Navigating the Langley Area

Visitors to Langley, BC can find a variety of accommodations, dining options, local attractions, and transportation methods essential for an enjoyable wine and beer tour experience.


Langley offers a range of accommodations from luxury hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts. Notable options include the Coast Hotel & Convention Centre and the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel. For those seeking a more home-like experience, various Airbnb listings are available within close proximity to the tour spots.

Many accommodations provide packages that include shuttle services to popular wineries and breweries, making it convenient for tourists. Advanced booking is recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Dining and Cuisine

Langley boasts a diverse culinary scene that complements its wine and beer tours perfectly. Visitors can enjoy farm-to-table dining experiences at local favourites like Beatniks and Saba Cafe and Bistro.

For those with more refined tastes, Chaberton Estate Winery features a French bistro offering gourmet meals paired with their wines. For a more casual dining experience, Trading Post Brewing offers a menu full of pub classics paired with craft beers.

Local Attractions

Beyond the wine and beer tours, Langley features several local attractions worth visiting. History enthusiasts can explore Fort Langley National Historic Site, a former fur trading post.

Nature lovers might enjoy a stroll through Campbell Valley Regional Park . For those interested in shopping, the Willowbrook Shopping Centre offers a variety of outlets and boutiques.

Transportation Tips

Navigating Langley is relatively straightforward with several transportation options available. Visitors can rent a car from providers like Enterprise or Hertz, which is useful for those looking to explore the area at their own pace.

For those preferring public transport, TransLink offers bus services that connect major attractions and tour locations. Additionally, several tour companies provide shuttle services as part of their packages, ensuring tourists can enjoy their tastings without the worry of driving. Booking a taxi or using ride-sharing services like Uber can also be convenient for shorter trips.

Safety and Regulations

When participating in wine and beer tours in Langley, BC, safety is a top priority. Companies such as Chew On This Tasty Tours, Vine and Hops and Canadian Craft Tours adhere to strict safety standards.

Transportation Safety:

  • Tours typically include transportation in well-maintained, insured vehicles.
  • Designated drivers ensure participants are not operating vehicles after consuming alcohol.
  • Seatbelts are mandatory for all passengers.

Tour Participant Responsibilities:

  • Participants must be of legal drinking age (19+ years in British Columbia).
  • Proof of age may be required.
  • Guests are encouraged to drink responsibly and stay with their group.

Health and Hygiene:

  • Tours implement current health guidelines, such as sanitization of vehicles and venues.
  • Hand sanitizer is often provided.
  • Participants with symptoms of illness may be asked to reschedule.

Venue Regulations:

  • Wineries and breweries adhere to strict health regulations and alcohol-serving policies.
  • Tasting rooms must comply with local health codes.
  • Venues may limit the amount of alcohol served per tasting to prevent overconsumption.

Travel Restrictions and Group Sizes:

  • During peak times, group sizes may be restricted to comply with local bylaws.
  • Private tours can offer a more controlled environment with specific safety measures.
  • Communication with tour operators can provide clarity on any specific safety protocols in place for your tour date.

Emergency Procedures:

  • Tour guides are trained to handle emergencies.
  • First aid kits are typically available in tour vehicles.
  • Contact information for local emergency services is readily accessible.

Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism aims to minimize negative environmental impacts while maximizing positive social and economic benefits.

Langley wine and beer tour companies take several steps to ensure sustainability. They focus on eco-friendly practices within their operations, such as utilizing hybrid or electric vehicles for transportation.

Many wineries and breweries in Langley adopt sustainable practices themselves. They use organic farming techniques, reduce water usage, and implement renewable energy sources.

Key Practices Promoted

  • Waste Reduction: Recyclable and reusable materials are prioritized.
  • Energy Conservation: Efficient energy use and renewable energy sources are promoted.
  • Water Conservation: Controlled irrigation and water recycling systems are commonly used.
  • Community Support: Partnerships with local businesses and farms help boost the local economy.

Tour companies educate visitors about these practices, promoting awareness and encouraging responsible behavior.

Group tours are organized to reduce carbon footprints compared to individual travel. These companies encourage guests to make minimal environmental impact.

Incorporating sustainability certifications and endorsements highlights their commitment and encourages adherence to high environmental standards.

Visitor guidelines outline ways tourists can engage responsibly. These include respecting local wildlife, reducing waste, and supporting local communities.

Promoting public transport and shuttle services reduces the number of individual vehicles on the road, helping to lower emissions.

The collaboration among tour operators, wineries, and breweries fosters a culture of sustainability, ensuring that tourism benefits both the environment and the local community.

Efforts to sustain biodiversity, such as maintaining natural habitats and avoiding pesticide use, help preserve Langley’s rich ecological landscape.

It’s worth the trip from Vancouver to participate in Langley Wine and Beer Tours.

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