Your tour, your way.

Are you a seasoned food lover? Or a curious traveller? Our culinary tours offer a variety of options to offer you your tour, your way. Here’s a closer look at our three tour-style options. And in fact, each one is crafted to provide a unique way to explore local communities through a culinary lens.

Your Tour, Your Way: Digital Guided

Those who love the thrill of discovery on their own terms will love the Savvy Independent tier. In fact, it’s your gateway to culinary self-exploration. This option is perfect for guests who prefer a more personal adventure. Armed with our expertly curated itineraries, you embark on a journey of taste. And you’ll explore local eateries and unique flavours at your own pace. Your tour package includes a comprehensive digital guide to the best spots in town. All curated tastings, tax and gratuities are included!

For example, you might choose to tour Fort Langley, Chilliwack or Abbotsford using the digital guided tour style.

Your Tour, Your Way: VIP Guided

Meanwhile, if you’re new to the area or prefer a bit of guidance. This tier adds a local expert to your culinary adventure. This add-on is ideal for guests who appreciate a guided experience in addition to no-planning. Your knowledgeable guide, a local enthusiast, will lead you through each stop. They’ll take you to each Chew On This curated stop, introduce you to the hosts, share insider stories, and take you to their favourite spots for photos! As with all of our tours, all of your tastings are included. For this experience select our VIP guided tours in the community of your choice. You might choose Langley or Maple Ridge or any of the other communities where we offer culinary tours.

Your Tour, Your Way: Chauffeur-guided

For those who wish to indulge in a truly carefree and luxurious culinary experience, we have the perfect choice. This premium option includes all the benefits of our tours with the added comfort of transportation by a certified driver. Meanwhile, leave the navigation to us as you relax between stops in comfort and style. This is ideal for guests who want to fully immerse themselves in the culinary experience without the worry of driving. At Chew On This Tasty Tours, we take care of every detail from the moment you step out your door to the final toast of the day.

Your Tour, Your Way: Chef-guided

On a select number of tours we offer the ultimate foodie adventure: a culinary experience guided by a local chef. From personal stories, to chef-guided tastings, to cooking and nutrition tips and easy conversation with a celebrity chef. These dining experiences will keep you smiling for a long time.

Each of these options is designed to offer a different level of engagement and independence. As well, it allows you to choose the experience that best suits your style and interests. At Chew On This Tasty Tours, we actively create memorable and enriching culinary adventures that connect you to the heart of the community through its flavours and stories.

Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of tastes and tales that each neighbourhood has to offer. Book your next culinary adventure today and taste the world through our eyes!



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