Meet lise

Hello fellow foodies!

I’m the  Owner & Culinary Experiences Curator for Chew On This Tasty Tours.  

Forever a fan of locally sourced ingredients, farmers’ markets, craft markets and local galleries, it’s my pleasure to highlight and celebrate the hyper-local.

My education and experience in Hospitality and Tourism comes from education, work experience; in hotels, restaurants, for a tour operator, as a tour wholesaler and as a travel marketer in various locations across Canada.. And it comes in the form of my own passion for world-travel.

I am a long-time BC local who’s lived in and explored many small towns and communities. 

Born & raised in Toronto my knowledge of the area is extensive and rooted in passion.

Despite the itinerary-led model of our tours I often show up to greet you, take photos for you and share some gifts. One of the most wonderful things about my job is seeing you return again and again for new experiences. Many of our guests have become dear friends.

I look forward to welcoming you on a Tasty Tour or With The Chef soon.