Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! A self-guided tour takes you on a culinary adventure with the aid of an itinerary that tells you where to start, where to end and every step in between. Your hosts are expecting you with a sip, a taste and a smile! Don’t be surprised if they welcome you by name!

During the pandemic, in order to continue to offer the tours during the tightest restrictions, we shifted to a model where our itinerary became a remote guide.

Our guests love having a day fully planned for them where they can just hang out together. They don’t have to decide or agree on where to go or what to do. 

You’ll find that without a guide telling you what to focus on or when to move from place to place that the tour naturally becomes customized.

We’ve got you!

Every delicious sip, morsel and experience has been planned for you.

While you will have some flexibility within your itinerary there are certain times that we have reserved just for you!

You would be fine if you left your wallet at home! Really! We have factored in the cost of all of your tastings, takeaways and even tips!

However, you might want to bring some spending money just in case because you’re definitely going to see some great things along the way!

As this is a food tour there will be occasions where a bakery doesn’t have gluten-free options or a chocolatier doesn’t have dairy-free options. But we do work with our destination hosts to cater to as many of your needs as possible.

Our tours are food focused. Although you will have the option to enjoy a glass of wine or beer or a cocktail depending on which tour you take, we always ask you your preference before the tour. Your destination hosts will be prepared to offer you an alternative.

Although you may see other folks on tour, you will always be seated at your own table or moving between locations on your own schedule.

At certain locations the hosts may speak to more than one group at a time but our tours are always intimate in size.

Give a wave to the other folks with the Tasty Totes but enjoy the day all to yourself!


We have never had anyone say that they didn’t have enough to eat on  tour! On the contrary, you may have to take some of your tastings home with you!

All of our tours are less than 2 kms in length. This distance is spread out over about 5 hours. With plenty of time to sit and relax in between, you’ll find that it’s an active stroll.

We love working with business owners to put together delicious tours for team building or client appreciation. Reach out to us at for more information.