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Hidden Agendas is an exciting, new sustainable tourism product. You select your preferred dates, gather your fellow food enthusiasts, and define your theme – small-town charm, indigenous culture and cuisine, global flavours, farm-to-table experiences, or perhaps a plant-based focus. Then, leave the planning to our award-winning Culinary Experiences Curator, Lise Hines. Three days before your chosen date, she sends you your personalized itinerary, promising surprises that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Here are the ways that Hidden Agendas is a sustainable tourism product:

Minimizes travel distance

You can choose any destination within BC that interests you, and Chew On This will design a tour that covers the most interesting and delicious places in that area. Choose to use local transportation options, such as buses, trains, or bikes, to get around.

Maximizes your tour time

You can spend as much time as you want on your tour, depending on your availability and preferences. Opt to extend your tour to multiple days, if you want to explore more regions and cuisines. It’s also possible to take a deeper look at one location.

Relaxes the mind

You don’t have to worry about planning, booking, or paying for anything, as everything is taken care of by Chew On This. You just have to show up and savour every moment of your customized culinary expedition. You can also enjoy the element of surprise, as you don’t know what to expect until three days before your tour.

Focuses on local

You will visit local restaurants, cafes, bakeries, markets, and farms, where you will taste the finest local cuisines, made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. You will also support the local economy and community, by patronizing small and independent businesses.

Shops local

You will have the opportunity to buy local products, such as cheese, wine, honey, or chocolate, directly from the producers or from local markets. You will also learn about the production process and the stories behind the products.

Develops new skill or broadens knowledge

You will learn about the history, culture, and traditions of the places and cuisines you visit. You will also have the opportunity to add-on local workshops to learn new skills, such as cooking, baking, or brewing, from local experts and artisans.

Minimizes mechanization and technology

You will disconnect from your devices and reconnect with yourself, nature, and others. They encourage you to limit your use of your phone for photo memories! You will also avoid mechanized and mass-produced food, and instead enjoy handmade and artisanal food.

Experiences authenticity

You will experience the authentic and diverse flavours of BC, from indigenous cuisine and culture, to global flavours, to farm-to-table experiences. You will also interact with the local people, who will share their stories, passions, and secrets with you.

 Minimizes carbon footprint

You will reduce your carbon footprint, by travelling less, using local transportation, and consuming local products. You will also contribute to the preservation of the environment, by choosing eco-friendly and organic options.

Book Your Adventure Now!

As you can see, the “Hidden Agendas – Chew-se to Savour BC Flavour” tourism product is a great way to practice sustainable tourism in BC. You will not only enjoy a delicious and memorable food adventure, but also an authentic, and meaningful travel experience. So, what are you waiting for? Request your hidden agenda at

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