Crying Beef-Food Is A Time Machine

Crying Beef

Food is a Time Machine

We see a woman's hand with light blue nail polish. She is holding a piece of indian bread called a parantha. It is on a white plate with blue and yellow decoration. In the background we see a bowl of shredded beef in a brown sauce with red onion slices on top.

With One Magical Bite

With one magical bite you can find yourself transported to another time. Another place.

I remember Sunday dinner with seven of us around the table. Me, the adored youngest.

My Mum would often make a dish that was a favourite for all of us.

The meat was slow-cooked and the bread (her recipe card said, “paratas”) was airy and chewy.

There was a mix of love and obligation in those dinners. It took so much time to prepare and wasn’t really “her thing”.

Neither of my parents knew how to cook when they were married. They had spent little time in a kitchen growing up and didn’t have parents who cooked. As a result there was no confidence or spontaneity in the kitchen. Just strict attention to the instructions of cookbook recipes.

A Long Lost Family Member

Curating the newest Spice Trail Tour took me to Kerala Kitchen. I asked Chef Sujith to make recommendations for the tastings that are a part of the tour experience. When the first dish was placed in front of me I stared at it as though recognizing a long lost family member. The accompanying bread was also familiar by sight.

When I took the first bite of them together, tears fell. Once again I was sitting at the table with my brothers and sisters at Sunday dinner. My dinner partner aptly named it, “crying beef”.

Looking back I realize how well my Mum as a self-taught cook had pulled this off.


Whether the flavours of the Spice Trail Tour bring you old memories or new, we can’t wait for you to taste more of the Surrey treasures, one bite at a time!