A Story Of Three People – Making Memories & Seeking Joy

A Story of Three People

Making New Memories/Seeking Joy

Let me tell you a story about three people: A married couple and the mother of the wife.

They opted to book a tour in Abbotsford.

Although our tours are itinerary-led, as always on the day of their tour, I drove out to greet my guests at their first stop.

They were enjoying their comfort food tasting at the first stop; a gourmet sandwich and soup. We chatted briefly and I took some photos. Then I went to meet another group on tour at their third stop.

At the third stop I met the couple and her mom again. I offered to take a picture of them surrounded by the lush gardens after they had enjoyed their homemade scones and lavender lattes.

For a few moments I was alone with the woman and she said, “We are having such a good time! My Mom is really enjoying herself!” And then she said something that I wasn’t expecting. “My Mom has Stage 4 cancer.”.

I was stopped in my tracks. No words came out but she continued to speak while I choked back tears, grateful for the mask I was wearing. 

“We come out to the Abbotsford Hospital to take my Mom for her treatments and doctor’s appointments frequently. We decided that we want to associate Abbotsford with happy memories instead. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.”

The other day I reached out to her to ask permission to share her story. She let me know that they have started incorporating visits to three of the tour stops into their routine hospital trips.She also said that she hoped her story would give others the idea to do the same thing.

Our tours are meant to support small, local businesses. We want to share the hidden gems of various communities with our guests. When we travel we like to go where the locals go and we offer that to you as well. Above all else we encourage you to feed your belly and feed your soul.

On this occasion, my soul was fed too.

We will continue to provide you with the opportunity to connect with each other, local business owners and small communities all through a culinary lens.

Hugs, Lise❤

Although our Abbotsford tours are on pause for online booking over the winter, we are excited to take you to back to Abbotsford in Spring 2023.

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